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Turnkey PCB Assembly

Mer-Mar Electronics is your one-stop solution for all your Turnkey PCB assembly services. We do not provide just the off-the-shelf solutions but also tailor our turnkey PCB assembly services for varied customers. Whether you need partial turnkey assembly or full turnkey PCB assembly, we’ve got you covered. We also provide consigned PCB assembly services. From small volume prototypes to large volume production runs using semi-automated and fully automated surface mount as well as through-hole technology equipment, you get everything under one umbrella.

We provide flexible, reliable, and consistent results rather than relying on vacillating vendors and suppliers. No more running and juggling between multiple vendors so free yourself from miscommunication hassles by choosing Mer-Mar Electronics for all your turnkey PCB assembly needs. You can also use resources efficiently and save your time & money as we offer rapid responses, reliable tech support, and excellent after-sales services.

We handle the sourcing of components, localization of purchases, materials handling, and planning from the industry leaders, ISO-certified, board, and part vendors to prevent delays, minimize overheads, and infrastructure costs. We consistently raise the bar by providing optimal turnkey PCB assembly services and helping the companies to get to market faster and with greater confidence.

Industry-Best Turnkey PCB Assembly

Seamless Management

– Reliance on Mer-Mar Electronics reduces the frustration of delays and overheads that are associated with multiple vendors. We would serve as your single point of contact by offering seamless management of your PCB needs.

Technological Capabilities

– Your go-to printed circuit board manufacturer for all your design requirements! Yes, we have the technical expertise to handle simple to composite printed circuit boards with multiple layers. Even if you need extremely minute and small PCB boards, we can overcome the clearance constraints and fragilities involved.


– We assure you, supreme quality boards, for all the companies and individuals who depend on us. Your products will have high-quality PCBs as we accurately stack up the layers to show tight tolerance at crucial times and remain resilient to adverse conditions as well.


– Our Turnkey PCB Assembly services provide you the flexibility to combine multiple small orders into a single large order. We manage your orders of various sizes with convenience and perfectly designed.

Competitive Pricing

– Our PCB Turnkey assembly services involve having a good collaboration and working relationships with multiple component manufacturers and can procure the parts and components at a fair price that is less than the small or medium businesses.

PCB Assembly


Mer-Mar Electronics offer full turnkey PCB assembly services like PCB fabrication, PCB layout, parts procurements, full turnkey assembly, partial turnkey assembly, etc. We rely on the efficient channels of manufacturing and supply chains to bring in the necessary expertise that offers you the solution you desire.

Turnkey PCB Assembly

PCB Layout

We begin with a fine PCB layout that will meet your design schematics in the most cost-effective way. Our high-level engineering team would prepare your PCB layout after significant trial-and-error methods before we determine the final layout. We also account for things like strategic component placement, environment and component temperature, adequate laminate materials, and more in this process.

Turnkey PCB Assembly Service

PCB Fabrication

PCB fabrication is a part of our full turnkey PCB assembly services. If you want a phenomenal transformation of your PCB design layout into a functional structure based on the laid-out specifications, you’re at the right place! We would take care of the physical manifestation of your PCB in the most efficient way. Etching the excess layers, laminating the PCB layer stack up, drilling holes for mounting purpose, adding protective coating and solder masking, and even optional finishes to withstand high temperatures.

PCB Turnkey Assembly

Component Assembly

Our PCB component assembly delivers the best customer experience after carefully procuring the components, bare boards, and then assemble them in the most convenient package. We strive to deliver the perfect product by carefully curating the component assembly process to avoid rework and assembly errors. Our turnkey PCB solutions offer the most cost-effective way to assemble and test the PCBs.

PCB Turnkey Assembly Service

Wire Harness

The safety of all the stakeholders is the key for us. We do wire harnessing that goes beyond mere cosmetic aspects of giving it a professional look for your finished boards. We invest our time in building protective boards that don’t cause any physical damage to the people due to electric shocks. We also make sure the wire harnessing prevents excessive heat from the other components, external conditions, and remains resilient under all conditions.

Turnkey Printed Circuit Board Assembly


We are adept at providing simple and multifaceted box assembly services to deliver high-quality box build projects. We offer comprehensive state-of-the-art box assembly services that include system-level assembly, product assembly, and also perform multivariate tests to ensure the efficacy of the box. We also take care of the packaging, labeling, warehousing, order fulfillment, and direct drop shipments to the customers within the stipulated time.

PCB Assembly Turnkey

Parts Procurement

We deploy an experienced team of professionals for all parts procurement and we make sure to get that done from reputable suppliers. We maintain healthy relations with the distributors in the supply chain. We make sure to procure only those that adhere to high standards and have zero defects and no counterfeit materials. We bank on authorized supply chains for easy traceability and serialization back to the original manufacturer in case of any defects.

PCB Assembly Turnkey Service

Component Forming

Precision, reliability, and expertise are the things you can expect from our component forming services. Our component forming services take the environmental conditions into consideration and incorporate the components to maintain a safe lead distance from the body surface. Our component forming services reduce any operational overhead costs even in the most challenging conditions. We also monitor the life cycle of the components to alert you in advance.

Turnkey PCB Assembly USA

Partial Turnkey PCB Assembly

Once you provide us with the circuit boards and other parts, our skilled technicians focus on procuring the rest of them which are of high-quality. We understand your cost and time constraints and hence immediately jump on to start with the fabrication of your board. We expedite the process without compromising on the quality of your circuit board designs. Many clients count on us for reliable and consistent results.

Turnkey PCB Assembly California

Full Turnkey PCB Assembly

We do all the heavy lifting for you and do it better than anyone in the market. Our engineering team takes down the bill of materials, Gerber files, product dimensions very diligently to get your project off the ground and make sure we get everything right for you on time. We have been helping many startups and small industries that have been new to the market. They rely on us blindly with their circuit board designs.

Turnkey PCB Assemblies

Low-Cost Turnkey PCB Assembly

We offer an in-depth inventory process and even go the extra mile to examine the component kits to make sure everything is available right there prior to assembly. We also offer storage and warehousing services to provide the benefits of stocking consignments for our customers to buy it here only. We also send out alerts about the inventory status. We exercise quality control and any client who comes to us can stay assured of every turnkey PCB assembly requirement being fulfilled in a cost- effective manner.

Turnkey PCB Assembly capabilities

Turnkey PCB assembly services use cloud-based software and powerful machinery for ensuring the efficiency of circuit boards.

Project Item Supported Capabilities
Thickness of Finished Product 0.05-0.5 mm (Ultimate:0.5-0.8 mm)
Layer 1-4 layers (Ultimate 5-8)
Size of Finished Products (Min) 5 mm*10 mm (Bridgeless);10 mm*10 mm (Bridge)
Ultimate:4 mm*8 mm (Bridgeless);8 mm*8 mm (Bridge)
Size of Finished Products (Max) 9 inch * 14 inch
Ultimate:9 inch*23 inch
Type of Surface Treatment OSP HASL, Lead-free HASL, Immersion gold, Hard gold, Immersion silver, OSP
Selective Surface Treatment ENIG+OSP, ENIG+G/F

Turnkey PCB Assembly offers wider capabilities and you can handle many PCBs like

  1. Flex Turnkey PCB Assembly
  2. Rigid-Flex Turnkey PCB Assembly
  3. Rigid Turnkey Printed Circuit Board Assembly
  4. RF Turnkey PCB Assembly
  5. High Voltage Turnkey PCB Assembly
  6. Metal Core Turnkey PCB Assembly
  7. High Power Turnkey PCB Assembly
  8. High-Speed Turnkey PCB Assembly
  9. Gold Finger Turnkey PCB Assembly
  10. LED Turnkey PCB Assembly
  11. Amplifier Turnkey PCB Assembly
  12. Aluminum PCB Assembly
  13. High-Frequency Turnkey PCB Assembly
  14. High TG PCB Assembly
  15. Heavy Copper Turnkey PCB Assembly
  16. Ceramic PCB Solution

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Turnkey PCB Assembly Testing

Mer-Mar Electronics focuses on stringent quality assurance right from the inception stages by inspecting the incoming materials and components to avoid unnecessary overheads in the long run. Our test process is to detect the errors and bugs early enough to maintain consistent quality all the way through. We make sure superior quality materials are used which are taken from certified vendors and suppliers to guarantee quality. We have no place for inferior products or counterfeit materials.

We take care of even the minutest detail to ensure a high-quality board. A final inspection is also done to ascertain its full functionality. We have well-trained personnel to perform visual inspections to find out any defects in the components. They have the ability to spot any potential issues in the circuit boards before they go into production.

Some of the tests we perform are given below. A few of these are by default. But the others do come at an additional cost.

  1. Automated Optical Inspection
  2. Manual Visual Inspection
  3. Functional Circuit Testing
  4. X-ray Inspection
  5. AOI Testing
  6. In-circuit Testing
  7. Component-Level Checks

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Turnkey PCB Assembly Techniques

Turnkey printed circuit board assembly can be produced through different techniques and it depends on the attributes of your preferred products.

Through-Hole Assembly – We offer both automated and manual drilling options here. We take off the nitty-gritty of the Through Hole PCB assembly process right from preparing the surfaces to be soldered to inspecting to make sure if everything is on point before the assembled board is packaged and dispatched. We provide rapid prototyping and also make sure to offer stronger physical connections. We give the highest attention to provide high heat tolerance and improve power handling capabilities.

Surface Mount Assembly – We have great experience in providing and automating sophisticated surface mount processes. We have helped many small and medium scale industries with powerful designs through the SMT process. We make sure you have a higher production capacity. Our skilled engineers offer the best-of-breed SMT services and also take extra caution to offer components and boards with zero defects.

Mixed Technology – We have helped many industries like communications, IoT Hardware, Smartphones, with Mixed Mount Technology. Whether you need larger components with high power capabilities or smaller components, we get everything assembled on your board. We provide boards that are efficient in power handling.

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Mer-Mar Electronics meets the demands and requirements of a wide array of industries and ensures providing products that meet their benchmarks. Most industries rely on us for Turnkey PCB assembly services

  1. Consumer Goods
  2. Telecommunications
  3. Energy & Utilities
  4. Maritime Applications
  5. Military
  6. Aerospace
  7. Medical
  8. Automotive
  9. LED Lighting
  10. Food Industries

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  1. ISO 12485:2016
  2. ISO 9001:2015
  3. AS9100D
  4. IPC-A-600
  5. IPC-A-610D
  6. J-STD-001
  7. ITAR Registered

Turnkey PCB Assembly FAQs

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