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SMT PCB Assembly

Mer-Mar Electronics has 4 decades of experience in providing high-quality SMT PCB assembly in the USA. We have been using the highest quality solder mounting equipment with custom capabilities for the accurate placing of components onto your circuit boards. Our keen engineers have proven efficiencies in creating miniature assemblies and have state-of-the-art facilities for mounting components accurately onto the PCB surface.

We have engineered our SMT PCB assembly for high mechanical strength, flexibility, durability, reliability, and high performance. We focus on meeting the current and future trends to adapt to the technological changes seamlessly and adopted SMT along with traditional techniques like Through-hole technology. We pay careful attention to note down and respond to the users’ requirements. Whether you need a low volume or high volume, semi-automatic or fully automatic SMT PCB assembly, we have a system in line with meeting your throughput & budget requirements.

Besides consistent quality and cost-effectiveness, Mer-Mar Electronics has emerged as a frontrunner for SMT PCB assembly services and manufacturing capabilities. We have massive experience in assembling double-sized or multilevel circuit boards delivering optimum performance in demanding applications. With an enviable turnaround time and flexibility options, we have emerged as a go-to solution for a multitude of industries.

Certified SMT PCB Assembly Company

High-Efficiency – Mer-Mar Electronics’ surface mount assemblies operations are flawless and done with precision. We are constantly improving the efficiency of circuit board manufacturing.

Minimal Knock-on Effects – By improving the production efficiencies, we strive to reduce the knock-on effects that can have serious negative repercussions on business especially when you go for large batch sizes where the impact would be massive.

Specialized in Miniature Products – We are skilled in building perfect SMT assemblies those are small in size but run super smoothly while integrating numerous components. We thus have become experts in facilitating lightweight and portable electronics.

Error Reduction – By the use of automated SMT of components into high-quality PCBs ready to go into production, we are speeding up the production rates and also reducing the margin of errors during the manufacturing.

SMT PCB Assembly

SMT PCB Assembly Services

We provide all-in-one SMT PCB Assembly Services for leading edge and accurate components mounting.
Explore the brief information about our surface mount assembly services:

SMT PCB Assembly

Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing

Our SMT PCB assembly services include specializing in PCB manufacturing and making Mer-Mar Electronics the best place to get your circuit boards into production. Our professional engineers and technicians work collaboratively to ensure the manufacturing of the best quality PCB boards in the quickest lead time. We pay meticulous attention at all stages of the manufacturing. We take up the approved designs based on the Gerber files submitted and ensure that we fulfill all the quality and durability requirements during manufacturing by running DFM checks.

PCB SMT Assembly


None can beat us at accurately aligning and mounting the components onto the printed circuit boards. We are the best at finely positioning the components and aligning the endpoints with minimal errors. Get unmatched Component placement and orientation for all your electronic devices. With the increase of the component varieties, we have also improved our capabilities for aiming for the perfect mounting of surface components. Whether you need flexibility or speed or both, we have the best equipment in the industry to achieve all your requirements.

SMT PCB Assembly Service

BGA reballing and rework

Mer-Mar Electronics is known to provide comprehensive and performance-enhancing BGA rework and reballing services to maintain the efficacy of SMT circuit boards. We have the capabilities to provide solution-driven BGA rework and repair assignments and restore them to the original performance and quality levels. Our services include reballing, pad & track repair, BGA site modification, repair, and replacement. We successfully overcome the performance challenges and also try to keep the defects in check. Any irregularities that may arise can be resolved by a meticulous and diligent BGA rework.

SMT Assembly

SMT PCB Stencil

Our engineers rely on advanced machines for SMT PCB stencils and component placement for board assembly. We use such materials that can withstand harsh working conditions without any errors. By opting for better quality stencils, we ensure to reduce errors, assure optimal performance, and meet the soldering requirements. We have the expertise to offer you the right advice on what type of stencil is more suitable for your PCBs that are more compact and efficient with proper positioning of the components.

SMT Assembly Service

SMT Soldering

With our special techniques and equipment, we perform SMT soldering during the PCB assembly. We ensure all the components that are put in place during the soldering processes are not damaged and even the final soldered quality is higher. Many times, equipment failures have happened due to low-quality soldering. We provide high soldering quality to optimize the PCB assembly process, improve the overall equipment reliability, and adhere to the highest quality standards. We hold experience in all the SMD soldering techniques like hand soldering, hot air soldering, and hot plate soldering.

PCB SMT Sssembly Service

Reflow soldering

We further provide reflow soldering options for your board as you move towards the completion of the assembly process. Get a proper reflow profile for building acceptable solder joints without causing any damage to the parts or assembly. For the reflow soldering process, we pick the suitable machines, acceptable reflow profile, PCB component footprint design, well-designed stencils, high quality PCB, components & solder paste, and repeatable placement of surface mount components. We even get the profiled assembly for a lead-free solder by not causing any damage to the components at maximum temperatures.


Fine Pitch Device Processing

Get professional and sophisticated high-density PCB assemblies with a significantly high number of components that are extremely close together as we push the tolerance limits. Even for the finest and miniature components, where you need smaller pads, we pick the right machines and place the components accurately. We also go for X-ray inspection if you choose to go with leadless and grid-array-based components. Our design and board vendor team work closely for designing fine pitch circuit boards and processing.

Surface Mount PCB


Our advanced SMT PCB assembly lines are capable of manufacturing complex assemblies with products that have high thermal demand, HDI (high-density Interconnect), high-mix ratios, and miniaturized assemblies. We also optimize the process through X-ray machines, AOI machines, SMT pick and place equipment. As the customers require, we also provide RoHS-compliant assembly or leaded one. We are considered to be experts in assembling SMT PCBs of all sizes, types, and can handle a wide range of SMT components from passive chip components to active packages like micro-BGA, QFN, PoP, and more with our automated assembly lines.

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Mer-Mar Electronics has a state-of-the-art assembly plant that allows us to manage your project through beginning the assembly process diligently. We are capable of fulfilling all PCB assembly types and sizes needed from basic and traditional Through-hole PCB Assembly to standard Surface mount PCB assembly to ultra-fine pitch BGA assembly. We specialize in offering SMT services from small volume to medium/large production volumes. We are also capable of performing single and double-sided placement of all component types. We can accomplish wave soldering using cutting-edge equipment.

Our SMT PCB Assembly capabilities include –

  • Full SMT PCB Assembly line
  • Single and double-sided Assembly
  • Mixed Technology
  • Low to high volume production assembly
  • ESD controlled area

Mer-Mar also offers the smallest and compact components capable of providing varied customer needs including –

  • Smallest components 01005, 0201, 0402
  • Assemble 0.25mm fine pitch parts
  • Leadless components, BGA, µBGA, LGA, package on package, etc.
Major Pieces of Equipment
Juki JX-100 SMT Pick & Place Machine
Specifications 6 heads with laser alignment, 14,400 components per hour small chip 8mm or less Placement points per program 2,000
Applicable Component Sizes Height: min: 0.3mm max: 6mm
Size: min: 0.75 x 0.5mm max: 33.5mm sq
Lead Pitch: 15 mil
Applicable PCB Size min: X 50mm x Y 30mm
max: X 330mm x Y 250mm
thickness min: 0.4mm max: 4mm
Zevatech FS-750 SMT Pick & Place Machine
Specifications 3 heads with laser alignment, 8,000 components per hour small chip 8mm or less
Placement points per program 2,000
Applicable Component Sizes Height: min: 0.3mm max: 6mm
Size: min: 1.0 x 0.5mm max: 23.5mm sq
Lead Pitch: 15 mil
Applicable PCB Size min: X 50mm x Y 30mm
max: X 330mm x Y 250mm
thickness min: 0.4mm max: 4mm
Zevatech PM-570 SMT Pick & Place Machine
Specifications Single head with laser alignment, 3870 components per hour max rating Placement points per program 2,000
Applicable Component Sizes Height: max 6mm
Size: min 1.0 x 0.5mm max: 33.5 sq
Lead Pitch: 15 mil
Applicable PCB Size min: X 30mm x Y 30mm
max: X 406mm x Y 330mm
thickness min: 0.6mm max: 2.5mm
Surface Mount Assembly

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As the Surface Mount Technology picked up momentum, there has been a constant increase in the usage of this technique across a multitude of industries. The market share of SMT services has been increasing by the day.

Some of the industries that utilize Mer-Mar Electronics for SMT PCBA are –

  1. Aerospace
  2. Consumer Electronics
  3. Defense
  4. LED components
  5. Medical and Health care
  6. Transport and Automotive Electronics
  7. Telecommunication & Mobile communications

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SMT PCB Assembly Techniques

SMT PCB assembly is different from that of through-hole technology and it requires different SMT equipment. We not only have the requisite equipment but also the experience and expertise for providing varied techniques. Also, for a majority of the SMT parts on a PCB, we go for pick-and-place equipment for assembling.

We first prepare the raw boards and the components for production after a thorough validation by our inspection teams. Once we gather these, we then prepare the boards for assembly.

Screen Printing Process – We use this method for applying the solder paste to the SMT pads on the board using a stencil that we design from the CAD output file used to build the raw PCB. These boards then conveyed into the reflow soldering process where we take every measure not to cause damage to the boards and components due to high temperatures.

We provide different reflow soldering techniques like infrared reflow, hot gas convection, and also vapor phase reflow. We also comply with RoHS guidelines and hence adhere to the tighter controls on the soldering in this process. We repeat this process on the 2nd side as well. We also have massive experience in the wave soldering process as well.

Once we finish the soldering process, the PCB Assembly cleaning needs to remove any flux residues and any stray solder balls that may potentially short out the closely spaced component leads. We have SMT solvent cleaning machines for this purpose.

Solder Paste Inspection – After applying the solder paste, we run the boards through solder paste inspection for evaluating the paste location, the physical volume of the paste, and other key indicators.

The SMT techniques differ as per the soldering methods and assembly.

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SMT (Surface Mount) PCB Assembly Testing Capabilities

Mer-Mar Electronics makes it mandatory to perform visual inspections to see if there are any missing or misaligned components or issues with solder bridging. Besides, manual inspections, we also use SMT inspection machines for this purpose. If any fault is found during this rigorous inspection process, we send back the board for rework. Once the rework is done, we once again test the boards to verify if everything is working correctly.

We make sure no mistake has been made and that all parts are in the right place by using an AOI machine. As the 3D technology rolled out, we also started going for it instead of 2D inspection and avoided any false calls. With 3D inspection, we go for accurate measurements for a more stable inspection process.

Different Testing Services during SMT Assembly

  1. Automated Optical Inspection – For pre- and post-solder to identify the component presence, placement, and solder quality.
    Pre-flow Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) – After the component placement, we perform an automated optical inspection to make sure that all the components are mounted in the right place. We use AOI machines for verifying the components’ placement, orientation, and polarity.
    Post-Reflow AOI – We also perform a post-reflow AOI to make sure no mistakes are made and then we perform an X-ray inspection for the process verification.
  2. X-ray Testing – We go for this test to check on leadless components through an x-ray image of them and the solder joints to make sure that everything is working as expected.
  3. In-circuit Testing – Through this, we look for any joint failures and we perform this through bed-of-nails tests.
  4. Functional Testing – We perform this to ascertain PCBs will work productively and as per the requirements after the SMT PCB assembly. With testing, we ensure the quality of delivered range of SMT PCB assemblies.

SMT PCB Assembly FAQs

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