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Cable Harness Assembly

Mer-Mar Electronics offers a breadth of cable harness assembly capabilities that remain unmatched in the industry. We specialize in assembling simple wire cable assemblies through to complex custom-build cable and wire harnesses using combinations of single-core or multicore cables. Besides, we also offer complex system assembly, turnkey solutions, and box build along with our cable and harness assembly by deploying advanced techniques and CAD software.

We have a dedicated team of skilled engineers and reliable assembly teams who can assist you with design and complete the assembly for all your requirements. Our responsive team is quick to provide you rapid prototypes. Quality remains the core aspect of our assembly process and we use top-grade materials to ensure that all the products meet high-quality industry standards. We focus on bringing value to our esteemed clients by increasing your assembly’s performance and productivity.

With 40 years of rock-solid reputation in delivering high-quality and faster time-to-market services, we provide application-specific cable harness assembly services. We produce custom cable and wire harness assembly for various applications ranging from simple to complex design incorporating bespoke requirements. Our services cater to diverse industry verticals including military, aerospace, telecommunication, medical, renewable industry, etc.

Premium Cable Harness Assembly Solutions for
Defect-free Electronics

Unmatched Expertise

– Our engineering and manufacturing teams are adept in understanding what’s best for various electronic systems and have been designing and refining the cable harness assemblies that fit your electronics needs in an orderly fashion.

PCBA Compatibility

– We ensure PCB Assembly compatibility as well as box build compatibility alongside your cable harness assemblies. You can have the ability for checking the products and their compatibility during the manufacturing phaseFAQs itself.


– Our custom cable solutions can be designed as per your desired size and shape to best fit your boards. From bench-top equipment to fully automated cable assembling, you can rely on our craftsmanship for acquiring that high precision and accurate fitting for your box build or PCBs.


– Mer-Mar Electronics delivers the highest quality products whether you need low or high-volume production runs at competitive prices. Everything is handled in-house to keep the prices low and to maintain consistent quality even for the complex cable harnesses.


– We specialize in the ribbon cable, coaxial, electromechanical assemblies. We use fixtures for harnessing accurately, verify data, and offer revision controls for ensuring reliable and consistent results. We also offer harness board development services for improving the speed of testing complex harnesses and shortening the delivery time.

Cable Harness Assembly

Our Versatile Cable Harness Assembly Services for
High Performance Applications

Mer-Mar Electronics is a full-service cable harness assembly solutions provider that covers prototypes to production.
We offer superior support and customization options for our clients to meet their needs.

Cable Harness Assembly

Cable Harness Assemblies

Our Cable Harness assembly services include a huge collection of fiber optics and copper cables with connectors on one or both ends in an organized manner. We design cable harnesses for smaller and lighter appliances to large and complex design structures as well. We provide hybrid cable assemblies with a smart combination of data and power cables.

Wire Harness Assembly

Wire Harness Assemblies

We build precise wire harness designs for ensuring efficient and reliable product runs. We make sure each wire and terminal to be configured to match the exact dimensions, length, and layout of your main product. We can provide simple to highly custom complex assemblies with multiple branches, termination points, and safety features. We also color and label appropriately for streamlining the installation, packaging, and maintenance operations.

Cable Harness Assemblies

Complex Cable Harness Assemblies

We are specialized in offering a fusion of both manual and automation assembly services for producing high-quality and complex cable harness assemblies. We also have capabilities for fully automating the wire processing for larger production runs. Whether you require any number of connectors, termination styles, or cable types in complex cable assembly, we have the design capabilities for the same.

Wire-Harness Assemblies

Connector Tooling

We offer high-quality connector tooling service for a variety of industry verticals. We use proper interconnect tooling that meet many of the industry standards for a wide variety of production equipment. From crimping a terminal onto a wire or pressing a connector onto the boards, we have designed our equipment and services for extending tooling life and minimizing waste.

Custom Cable Harness Assembly

Prototype Development

We have skilled professionals in our prototyping teams who are the masters of the art of cable harness assembly and manufacturing. They are here to assist you with developing a prototype for your cable harness assemblies. They are responsive right from the initial stages which would pave way for better cable harness, and assembly. They will identify the opportunities for reducing cost while optimizing the form, fit, and function of your cable assembly in the prototyping stages.

Cable and Wire Harness Assembly

Electromechanical assembly

We are fully equipped to provide custom electromechanical solutions for customers through terminal blocks, enclosures, specialty connectors, and other components for the electromechanical assembly like PCB or box build. We offer scalable product designs suitable for your electromechanical design and assembly operations. We also offer varying levels of assistance for a wider array of electromechanical cable harness assembly needs.

Wire Harness and Cable Assembly

Installation, Testing, and Brading

After the rapid prototyping, we then do the installation of the cable harness assembly that fits your boards. Our brilliant quality team then starts troubleshooting to find out the errors and correct them. We also look for intermittent errors which are usually tricky and difficult to detect. We protect your cable harness with braided technology to improve the longevity of the assembly by reducing the deterioration due to wear and tear.

Custom Cable Harness

Kitting and Custom Assembly Packaging

We use state-of-the-art equipment for processing orders. Our finishing services include wire cutting, stripping, tin & solder services, and terminating while our core focus remains on the high-quality assembly packaging. We also offer specialized services like hot stamping, shrink tubing, and other specialized packaging requests. If you need unique finishing and customized labeling, we bring in custom colors, stamping, lacing, adding circuit IDs for products along with barcoding on the packaging.

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Cable Harness Assembly Types

Mer-Mar Electronics offers fiber optic cable assemblies, copper cable assemblies, and hybrid assemblies. We have a huge selection of cable harness assemblies.

  • Conductor Type Options – Solid or Stranded, Size, Colors
  • Wide range of insulation materials
  • Connectivity options like connectors, covers, pins, housings, and contacts
  • Terminal blocks and/or enclosures
  • Other components such as ferrules, terminal blocks, potting, boots, bushings, strain reliefs, shrink tubing, and more.

Copper Cable – Hook-up Wire, Cat. 3 – UTP, STP, Cat. 5 – UTP, STP, Coaxial, Multi-conductor, Power

Fiber Optic Cable – Ribbon, Single Mode, Multimode, Hybrid, Simplex, Duplex

Connectivity – Connectors, Covers, Housings, Pins, Contacts

Other components – Ferrules, Strain Reliefs, Shrink Tubing, Terminal Blocks, Enclosures, Boots, Bushings, Potting Material

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Cable Harness Assembly Capabilities

Mer-Mar Electronics offers a wide gamut of custom cable assembly capabilities that can be used for any electronic application. We have gained adequate expertise in the design and manufacturing of these cables at the lowest cost but high-performance cable projects. Our solutions include the prototyping, design, development, and management of custom cable assembly for both low volume/high mix to high volume/low mix production capacities. We can use STP files for printing 3D prototypes of the designs to check the fittings early on and eliminate the design risks if any.

Our cable harness assembly capabilities include

  • Ribbon cables
  • Coaxial cables
  • Custom harness
  • Fibre Optical cable assemblies
  • Multiconductor assemblies
  • Sophisticated cable assemblies
  • Electromechanical assemblies
  • Sheet Metal stamping, bending & powder coating

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Cable Harness Assembly Testing Capabilities

High standards of workmanship and quality standards are maintained by our skilled technicians. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified printed circuit board assembly company. All the technicians, engineers, and personnel are trained to comply with IPC 610 and 620 Class II, and J-standard-001D standards. Our expert technicians ensure all your orders to be done in a high-quality facility. We deploy the highest quality standards and focus on continually driving improvements in both quality and cost.

Our industrial facilities also conform to the industry standards like UL compliance and fire safety regulations. Wire crimping, soldering is performed based on the calibrated tools from MIL-spec qualified manufacturing.

The tests we offer are

  1. Visual Inspection
  2. Environmental Testing
  3. Insulation Resistance & Dielectric Test
  4. Waterproof Test for outdoor cables
  5. Pull & Twist Test
  6. Continuity Test
  7. Breakdown voltage Test
  8. Vibration and bump Testing
  9. Backshells & Adapter Tightening Test
  10. Coaxial Cables Tested for RF parameters on Network Analyzer

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Our cable harness assembly services are crafted for meeting the diverse array of needs and regulations required by various industry applications. We take immense pride in delivering higher customer satisfaction with nearly 40 years of experience in providing sophisticated solutions for modern-age problems.

  1. Military
  2. Aerospace
  3. Telecommunications
  4. Medical
  5. Consumer Electronics
  6. Industrial Machinery
  7. Automotive Equipment
  8. Renewable Energy

Cable Harness Assembly FAQs

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