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Lead Free PCB Assembly

A reliable name in PCB manufacturing and assembly services, Mer-Mar Electronics has been supplying high-quality lead-free printed circuit boards and electronic assemblies for over 40 years. With our state-of-the-art equipment and highly-qualified and experienced team, we offer products that are significantly ahead of the curve.

Our strength lies in anticipating and adapting to technological and environmental changes to offer best-in-class products. This is the exact reason why we are the go-to solution when it comes to offering lead free PCB Assembly. Known to be environment friendly on account of its zero lead emission along with its decreased Toxic Release Inventory (TRI), these PCBs go a long way in reducing e-waste and offering environmental sustainability. Our PCBs are not only lead free but also meet with the restricted levels of mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium,polybrominated diphenyl ethers. The use of toxic-free components and board finishes ensure that not only do we comply with the RoHS directive, we make a contribution to keep our environment pristine and play our role in environmental sustainability.

At Mer-Mar Electronics, we have a huge body of expertise not only in building lead free circuit boards but also in providing RoHS compliant PCB Assembly services. Our experienced team has rich expertise in every aspect of the process- be it solder alloy selection, solder paste evaluation, wave solder flux evaluation, process optimization, design rules, components evaluation, quality inspection and more- little surprise then that we are the go-to place for all your lead free PCB needs. Whether you need prototype quantities or large production runs, at Mer-Mar Electronics we are well-poised to meet your requirements.

The many reasons to partner with Mer-Mar Electronics for
your lead-free PCB assembly requirements

Matchless Expertise – At Mer-Mar Electronics, we have been working actively to facilitate the industry-wide transition to lead-free products. A dedicated lead-free line for assembly along with our highly experienced personnel, make us well-poised to cater to your bespoke needs.

Compliance with RoHS standards – Mer-Mar Electronics’ lead free PCB Assembly delivers high quality products on account of the rich know-how that we bring to different aspects of the value chain. Right from a capable design team that understands lead-free design techniques to a fabrication department that is well versed in material temperatures and specifications, to a well-defined assembly process, we leave no stone unturned in offering products that meet stringent lead free and RoHS PCB assembly standards.

One Stop Shop – Whether you are looking for single and double sided assemblies, lead free circuit board rework, lead-free selective soldering or any other aspect, we are the one stop shop for all your requirements.

Quick turnaround time – Count on us to offer your quick turn around times that expedite your go-to-market plan and bring a sizeable competitive advantage.

Lead Free PCB Assembly Services

Our comprehensive Lead-Free Assembly services include
the following sub services

Lead Free PCB


With stringent regulation of hazardous components that cannot be used in either the boards, components or solders, material analysis acquires a major role. Our trained team is totally equipped to undertake a through analysis of material to ensure that it can be used.

Lead Free PCB Assembly

Lead free Assembly (SMT or THA)

We undertake a stringent assembly process, both SMT and THA, adhering to RoHS standards. With extensive inspection and testing built into the process, you can be sure of receiving a high-quality product.

Lead Free Assembly


Our wave soldering lines catering to multiple sizes ensure that we can accurately solder the board for circuit board assemblies containing thru-hole parts. The right temperature and stable solder wave height ensures there is no cracking, loss of conductivity or mechanical stress on the board.

Lead Free Circuit Boards

Lead free Circuit board rework

Rework is an important aspect of the volume manufacturing process for lead-free PCB assembly, both during the initial transition period as well as the product lifecycle. We are equipped to take on this highly specialized work that offers reliable lead-free solder joints, with proper grain structures and intermetallic formation. All rework performed uses the same lead-free solder alloy as originally used on the solder joint.

Lead Free PCB Assembly Process

To ensure that the PCB Assembly is RoHS compliant, it is important that due attention be paid to several aspects including but not limited to ensuring that none of the hazardous materials listed in the RoHS directive are used either in the boards, components or solders. It is also important that the finish on the board be compliant with lead-free and RoHS standards. Since the boards are required to be assembled at high temperatures, the various components need to be able to withstand these high temperatures. The overall lead free PCB Assembly process involves the following steps:


Oven reflow temperature profiling demands that an additional lead free PCB along with an extra set of temperature critical parts such as BGAs, heat slug parts etc. be provided. Mechanical Samples also work well for this purpose.


With our inspection staff trained to IPC-610D standards, we ensure that the solder joints are of high quality.

Bill-of-Materials and Component Analysis

While the customer needs to verify the bill-of-materials to ensure the suitability for lead-free parts, we offer a detailed consultation to ensure that the components meet the requirements. In case the components received, suffer from excess moisture issues, they are baked, prior to assembly.

Board Stencil and Solder Paste

This process involves application of SAC305, a lead-free compatible solder paste that is widely used in SMT, Wave Solder and Wire (Hand) Soldering processes. Post the soldering process is over, a thorough visual inspection is done to make sure that the solder coverage is accurate.

Placement of Components

Next, a pick-and-place machine ensures that parts are accurately placed. With a unique number assigned to the each part, it is ensured that the right part is being placed. Of course, it is ensured that all components on the board are lead-free process compatible and can withstand high temperature.

Thru Hole and Manual Solder

We are well equipped to perform Thru Hole and Hand / Wire soldering of lead-free boards.

Placing Board in the Reflow Oven

As a final step, the board is placed in the reflow oven where the solder paste enables the component and the circuit board to form a bond. The thermal profiling is done keeping in mind the following characteristics:

  • Thickness of board
  • Board Finish
  • Board Size
  • Layer Count


A visual inspection ensures that any manufacturing defects are brought to light. The use of IPC 610D soldering acceptability standard ensures that testing is robust.


The assembled boards are then packed for shipment.

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Lead Free PCB Assembly Laminates

Our lead-free PCBs are built from UL approved laminates that are designed to withstand high temperature as also the duration of the assembly cycle. Here are some of the commonly used laminates in our lead-free PCB assembly process:

  • 370HR
  • 370 TURBO
  • FR 406
  • FR 408
  • G200
  • GI-180
  • IS410
  • IS415
  • IS420
  • IS620
  • IS680
  • P95
  • P96
  • P26
  • P26N

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Lead Free Finishes

You can count on us to offer PCBs with various lead-free finishes:

  • Gold Finish – Electrolytic, electroless or immersion
  • ENIG- This prevents oxidation as well as increases shelf life.
  • Hard Gold- Is used for gold Fingers. Known to prevent oxidation and increase shelf life.
  • Soft Gold- Used for wire bonding and to increase shelf life and prevent oxidation
  • Immersion Silver- Used for solderability
  • Lead Free Solder- Used for solderability when flatness of pad isn’t critical
  • OSP- Used for solderability when flatness of pad is critical
  • White Tin (Immersion Tin)- Used for solderability when flatness of pad is critical

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Lead Free PCB Assembly Capabilities

At Mer-Mar Electronics we offer comprehensive lead-free PCB assembly services. Our capabilities include:

  • Lead-Free Materials Analysis
  • SMT and PTH Lead Free Board Assembly
  • Lead-Free Rigid or Flexible Circuits
  • Lead Free Wave Soldering
  • Lead Free Circuit Board Rework
  • Lead Free Encapsulation and Conformal Coating
  • Wave Solder Flux Evaluation and Component Evaluation

In compliance with the RoHS directive, our boards do not contain:

  • Cadmium and its compounds
  • Hexavalent chromium compounds
  • Lead and its compounds
  • Mercury and its compounds
  • PBB (Polybrominated biphenyl) compounds
  • PCDE (Polybrominated dephenyl ether) compounds

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We have strong in-house capabilities who have vast experience working with diverse industries and meeting their bespoke lead-free PCB assembly requirements. Some of the industries we’ve worked with are

  • Aerospace
  • Medical
  • Electronics
  • Telecommunications
  • Industrial equipment
  • Defense
  • Energy


  • IPC-A-610 Class 2 or 3
  • IPC-7711 class 2 or 3
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO 13485:2016
  • UL standards
  • RoHS compliant
  • ITAR certified

Lead Free PCB Assembly FAQs

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